Help Sections

Learn how to accept, manage, and process orders that are placed on your storefront.

Learn about AddOn billing and how to disable/enable PrintSites AddOns.

Learn how to add payment gateways, and manage payment preferences on your storefront.

Learn how to create discount promotions for your storefront.

In this section you will learn how and where to set your storefront settings to get paid, collect taxes, users and more.

Learn how to navigate, invite users, create new storefronts, and billing all within your admin area.

Learn how to set pricing and price overrides for your products and product components.

Learn how to purchase a domain, as well as how to point your domain from a list of top used providers.

Learn how to create and use collateral and templates, as well as how to use our design tools.

Learn how to change the appearance of your storefront, color scheme, and header and footer information.

Learn how to create and edit pages, learn the different section types, and create webforms.

Learn how to create and add new products and product components.